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I understand. So was I, until I discovered the tools of Organic Intelligence. It has had a profound impact on my nervous system, helping me to settle in ways that I didn’t know were possible and to enjoy my life more.

Working in collaboration with Hagen Artley, we have developed Coming To Our Senses to share these tools. We are calling together our next cohort of people that are interested in expanding their capacity to be with the intensities of life, bringing our attention to what is truly of value and feel equipped to meet life as ourselves.

In Coming To Our Senses we look at life through two lenses: the mechanics of Human Design, and Organic Intelligence, a leading impulse in nervous system regulation and post-trauma growth. Each system offers its own strategies for navigating life with greater ease, dealing with resistance and restoring who you are. 

We explore how the nervous system functions with regards to levels of intensity and social engagement. We learn how our biology cycles through fight, flight & freeze ongoingly, and what this means for our experience of immobility or stuckness as well as personal growth.

In the last round of this class, we witnessed the very practical and immediate difference this synthesis can make in people’s lives. Are you ready for this step in your transformation process? You are most welcome to join us.


Transformation & Deconditioning: the 3 Phase Model provided by Organic Intelligence, the True Self & Not-Self provided by Human Design.

The Mind, The Body & Me: survival & thriving, awareness & biology.

Walking Each Other Home: how to exit chronic survival mode (includes references to the poly vagal theory by Stephen Porges).

Feedback & Sustainable Pleasure: Human Design Type Signatures & Positive Reinforcement.


We’ll journey into a recalibration of the nervous system using the tools offered by Organic Intelligence. This class will lay the foundation for increased resiliency & enhanced processing capacity. You’ll learn how to expand your bandwidth for greater levels of intensity, energy, complexity, connection & awareness. 

Human Design practitioners are particularly welcome in this course. As active professionals in the system, we recognize the difference between changing one’s mind and changing one’s life. Intellectual achievement may not necessarily translate into quality of life. This course is intended to help make sure you can bridge that gap.

We’ll be gathering in a small group so that we can hold space for each person to ask questions & integrate their experience. There are only 8 places available

We meet weekly for a 2-hour class. Everyone also receives weekly guided meditations. Over the course of 9 weeks, we learn to bring more and more of ourselves back into the present with less and less effort.

Mondays 9:00am – 11:00am PT
February 12 –  April 8, 2024 (9 Weeks)

120 minutes per class (live session, video recording available)

Weekly meditation guidance
(audio recording 15 – 30 minutes)

$530 USD (includes 1 private 60 minute coaching session)

Please provide your email to begin the registration process. We look forward to being with you in this way!

“This class is just WOW! I was able to integrate the practices so quickly. It had a profound shift in my experience in such a short time. Orientation has become my lifeline. I am so grateful for your wisdom and teachings.”
Paula Pensiero
Business Owner


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