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The Emotional Wave - Alannah Hillstrom

What is good for you, will wait for you…..

The more I wait and give my body time to move through its process, the more clarity I have in my decisions and the more my life flows without resistance.

If there is one piece of knowledge from Human Design that has been the most impactful for me it is becoming aware of my emotional system.

I have a defined solar plexus (just like 50% of the population) which means that I have an emotional chemistry that moves in my body beyond my control. This chemistry moves in a wave like pattern. From up to down to up, over and over again.

Wow. Until I met Human Design, I had no idea this was happening.

I had spent years trying to make sense of my emotions. If something felt wrong in my system, I would try to fix it somehow. There must be something wrong with me or I would blame someone else for the reason that I was feeling the way I was.

What Human Design reveals is that it’s just chemistry and there is no controlling it. No diet, no meditation, no perfect scenario will stop me from experiencing the highs and lows of my emotional system. It moves on its own and it’s always changing. With a defined solar plexuses as my decision making authority, I need to wait, wait and wait some more.

Where I am on my emotional wave colours my perspective.

If I’m on the high end of my wave, I can quickly say yes to something new and feel lots of excitement believing that it is a “yes.” But may later regret saying yes and have to get out of the commitment somehow, which can be painful.

Or keep the commitment and end up feeling frustrated that I’m doing something that is not correct for me, that I don’t have the energy for.

I can also say “no” to something when I’m on my low wave and regret the choice later.

Clarity for me feels neutral, as though it’s the most obvious thing to do and without any energetic charge up or down.

Would you like to understand your emotional system and learn how to ride it’s waves? 



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