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The Practice of Waiting - Alannah Hillstrom

“Your strategy is to wait, wait, wait some more and wait.”

Ahhhh waiting! The biggest lesson of my life and something that has been an invaluable teacher

As an Emotional Manifesting Generator, I have a tremendous amount of power in my system that can allow me to force things to happen or as our culture likes to celebrate “make it happen!”

However, I’m not designed to initiate.

I’m designed to respond to life as it comes towards me. It is an incredible process to actually sit back and allow this to happen.

In the beginning, this was the most excruciating part of my experiment with Human Design.

I would literally have to sit on my hands in meetings, force myself not to initiate anything, march up and down the mountains behind my house, as my mind went crazy saying “Do something Alannah!” and my body surged with energy.

But I wanted to really test this system out.

I had spent 42 years following my mind and I knew that path well. It led me to some interesting places but yet I still had this underlying sense of dissatisfaction and frustration.

Eventually, day by day, moment by moment, I discovered that life is actually unfolding on it’s own pace and it knows where to find me.

Friends called to make plans. Work opportunities emerged. Paintings got painted. Dishes got done. I learned what responding feels like in my body. Would you like help finding your response? You are invited to book a session with me.

Most importantly I learned to let go of my mind telling me what to do all the time!

Now I enjoy waiting (most of the time!). Waiting is home for me.

It’s so much easier than having to figure it out all the time.

My mind still tries and I do my best to watch it. But how could my mind possibly know?

Not one of my thoughts has led me to exactly where I am now. I didn’t think this up or plan it out. Life happened and I responded.


“Life is not a problem to solve. It is a mystery to be lived.”

Leela Swann Herbert,
Human Design Teacher



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